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    About Flex

    “Last of the Old School Black Iron Gyms”

    Flex Gym is a no nonsense and no frills serious training facility.  Originally opened in 1994 by Charles “Big Al” Walke, Flex has a history of achieving greatness through the athletes that have stepped through our doors.  As you walk through the gym, you can see the walls decorated with 1st place competition photos, trophies, and athletes signing photos to their respective professional league. Big Al would often say he opened this gym for true athletes and not civilians. However, every single person that walks through our doors shares one thing in common: to make yourself better in some way shape or form.  We at Flex are dedicated to getting your body ready for whatever challenge you may face. Our education is backed by experience and practical application that stems over 25 years and we strive to create the environment needed for high performance behaviors.

    “Do you want to be great, or do you want to be the best there ever was?” 
    -Charles A Walke